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If this is your first visit to our Chiropractic Clinic we would like to welcome you and thank you for selecting us to care for your spinal health. The clinic in the centre of St Helens always aspires to provide high quality healthcare in a warm, caring and friendly atmosphere.

Chiropractic diagnosis identifies the underlying cause of your pain and endeavours to correct it, thus providing a long-term solution. The body is a very adaptable structure and has a remarkable capacity to compensate for spinal problems. Because of this, pain is often the last symptom to appear. Chiropractors can also uncover underlying spinal dysfunction before it becomes painful and help you to be the best that you can be through chiropractic care.

Whether you are looking for pain relief or would improve your health potential and prevent future problems, chiropractic is a natural, non-invasive, safe and effective way of reaching optimal health.

Our Philosophy
Our aim is to move away from ‘crisis management’ and towards preventative chiropractic care. We believe people should enjoy optimum health – for a lifetime. We also believe that the prevention of disease is less costly and more comfortable and enjoyable for all concerned. We want our patients to learn how to maintain their spinal health, be free from nerve interference and keep the reoccurrence of pain and symptoms to a minimum.

Chiropractors use a natural and drugless approach to health. We help problems in the nerve, joint and muscular systems. Chiropractors look for areas in your spine where the joints may be jammed and ‘pressing’ or ‘pinching’ on nerves. These areas are called ‘SUBLUXATIONS’.

The Chiropractic manipulation
Chiropractors correct subluxations with gentle, specific manipulations which we call an ‘adjustment’. Sometimes when a spinal joint is adjusted there is a slight ‘click’ or ‘popping’ sound as the joint separates and dissolved gas in the fluid forms a small bubble. The adjustment relieves irritation of the nerves and helps restore normal spinal movement.

We will do everything in our power to run to our appointment times, avoiding unnecessary waiting. However, sometimes unforeseen circumstances may arise. We ask that you are on time for your appointment. If you do not have an appointment, or are late for your appointment, we will attempt to see you as soon as a time is available.

Caring for your spine
Excellent spinal health can be achieved in partnership with us. We ask you to co-operate in keeping your appointments and following instructions for home\work care. We will often recommend an exercise programme tailored to your individual needs and demonstrated to you in our rehabilitation suite. This home exercise plan is an excellent tool for you to maintain core strength and keep your spine healthy.

Maintenance care programme
Depending on your needs you will be recalled at periodic intervals for a spinal check-up. Our approach and emphasis is on maintenance care. We actively encourage you to think ‘prevention’ rather than ‘crisis care’.

Free screening
We are happy to talk with prospective patients to answer any questions they may have about chiropractic before they decide to begin treatment.

Should you feel unsure if chiropractic can help you we do provide a free screening service. In this 15 minute appointment you have the chance to discuss your problem with the Chiropractor who will then advise whether Chiropractic can help you. This appointment is free of charge but no treatment is carried out at this time.